Favourites of mine!


Just a bit of abstract fun I spotted today at Tate Britain while checking out the Late Turner exhibition.


Quick snap yesterday at Hampton Court Palace. Dark surround, I feel. Hope your November goes well.

Fossil fuel!

Start the week with an abstract :)

Pleasure seekers!

A smile before all of you workers face another Monday. I will, of course, be thinking of you as I have a gentle stroll, a coffee .... :)) On the serious side of my work, this spoke to me about real communication. A key to the future? I think so. Give it the dark surround and spare a thought!!


You need to see the whole thing really to appreciate this web of intrigue :) Dark surround, of course! Have a good weekend, and thank you for your support and indulgence!!

Homeward bound!

Early morning in York. Not the most creative of shots, but I think it works quite well. Thought about a conversion, but I think the colour works well with what was a misty light. :) Dark surround helps!!! Enjoy your weekend

Age, experience, wisdom!

Just a thought that speaks to my condition :)) Dark surround?


A second light and shade one today!

Spirits in the sky!

Unplanned upload, but it seemed appropriate today.


Drawn to this by the combination of the elements within the frame.

Blue Period!

Reflecting on reflections. Kinda Blue!


Fun for the weekend!! Have a wonderful one!! Dark surround job, I feel!!

Dreaming Spire!

Still on the drawing board :)


Despite the building around it, for me St. Paul's still 'stands tall'.

Welcoming embrace!

Just loved this group

Gabriel's View

View of St. Paul's cathedral from the Shard.

Shooting the bridge!

Tower Bridge and one of the still-working tugs, as seen from the Shard. Having to shoot through glass made it awkward (for me!) but I do like the pov :)) Just a postcard!

William's Dream!

Tower of London - begun by William the Conqueror in 1080 !! Processing seemed appropriate. Dark surround helps!

Living the dream!

One from our earlier trip to Brussels. Just like the ambience in this beautiful square. Dark surround job :))

You must remember ...

..,. this!! As time goes by!! Never quite cracked the street stuff, but here's another go!! :)) Dark surround!! :)

Walking through time!

Alternative London Series. Regent Street today, or yesterday! :)!

Cuthbert's Peace!

A return to my favourite building! Magnificent! The building I mean! :) Dark surround job! St Cuthbert's body was laid to rest here. Here,too, in the Galilee Chapel, is the tomb of the Venerable Bede.

When time stood still!

Second shot from the spring mist morning. Huge issues getting this loaded - twice! Hey ho! Dark background, I feel. I think I prefer this one, but, of course, I will bow to your superior knowledge!! :)) Many thanks for your interest and support.


'Cinematic' ! Nouvelle vague? More Metropolis. Pushing back the boundaries, on the quest for that 'moment' ! :)) Dark background

Human Tripod!

Re-edit. Much happier with this b&w version of an earlier colour job. Dark background might help.

Listed majesty!

Battersea Power Station, now being re-developed, internally. Dark background.

Midnight Express

The dream continued :)

Reflection in Seville

Dark background helps!

Testosterone issue :-)

Another sign of autumn!! The boys get a bit frisky and unpredictable!


The hotel pool was a bit of a surprise! A smile for Monday morning?! Tap for dark background? [Thank you all for yesterday's Page 1 debut. Blown away!!]


To the bridge!


One of a number of examples of street art in Georgetown, Penang. Some are interactive; all are great fun. Many are hidden in side streets. Worth a trishaw ride/guide!


White campanula macro with raindrops

Spinning top!

Just liked the drama in the sky! It pops nicely with the dark surround, I feel :)

Promised Land!

You have to get inside the mind of a snail to really appreciate this one, and that's a tight fit! :)) Surely I'll be "trending" with this one!! Too much sun!! :))

"What passing bells ...

... for those who die like cattle" Anthem for Doomed Youth - Wilfred Owen. A second one from yesterday's shoot. Just wanted to share the thought behind the moment. Dark surround is,of course, appropriate.


Attracted by the colours!! :)

Un homme echappe!

A capture; an escape. After Robert Bresson, I guess, though I wasn't conscious of a connection at the time of shooting. Bit of a serious mood today, but I found it a compelling image. Dark surround please.

Mirror Stage!

Reflections; mirror; I; ego; Jacques Lacan. Those who know my work will know I often link my floral work to the human condition. On the one hand this is a duo of water lilies; on the other, an interesting stage of development!! Dark surround, I feel. Back to the nonsense at the weekend, I promise!! Or, you are forgiven if you think this is nonsense:))